Charley's War for free!

Charley's War, Johnny Red, Major Eazy, Rat Pack, The Sarge, the roll of honour is endless!
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Charley's War for free!

Postby action-figure-supplies » 02 Aug 2013 11:52

Get Charley's War part for free from Egmont digital:
You can also get Roy of the Rovers.
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Make sure every bullet finds a billet
Make sure every bullet finds a billet
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Re: Charley's War for free!

Postby Quickfire » 04 Aug 2013 13:35

In a recent post, Captain Hurricane/Moose Harris says that this is the end of the Titan hardbacks (inc. Johnny Red and some others), Egmont want to go down the ebook route via the free e-comic site.
First, Egmont UK, the legacy rights owners of all of IPC’s old titles (barring some futuristic nonsense that’ll never last), have launched a Classic Comics site, and are intent on getting some of their old material back into print or available online as e-books, whatever they are! Current Battle-related titles include Charley’s War, Major Eazy, Rat Pack and Johnny Red, all of which have been reprinted by Titan Books.

On the subject of Titan, further planned editions of Rat Pack, Major Eazy, and the John Cooper era of Johnny Red have all been binned. Not enough Joe Colquhoun in them to sell well enough, so I’m told. A bit of a shame, as the hardback collected editions have been very well produced, but that’s the marketplace for British comics, unfortunately.

Yours truly has been hard at work with the Titan team and some Irish Battle reader, who I’m told also spends his time writing comics, putting together the next collection, Garth Ennis presents Battle Classics. More on this soon.

Sticking with the theme, which also explains why nothing much has happened here for months, the final volume of Charley’s War is due soon, scanned almost entirely from Joe Colquhoun’s original artwork, and taking in the end of the Great War and the British Army’s involvement in Russia during 1919.

Were that not enough, there are the French editions of La Grande Guerre de Charley to complete, topped out by a collection of all the gory glory of Action.

Fret not, men. Some new scans have been knocked together for inclusion here, including Soldier Sharp – the Rat of the Rifles, Panzer G-Man, D-Day Dawson, The Bootneck Boy, HMS Nightshade and a few others. They’ll be added as soon as I get a few days’ leave.

At ease!
http://www.bestofbattle.sevenpennynight ... /?m=201307

So maybe the Garth Ennis -branded stuff will continue.

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This is what you get when you mess with the SAS
This is what you get when you mess with the SAS
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Re: Charley's War for free!

Postby Chopper » 04 Aug 2013 14:11

Patoey. Ebooks are handier but harder to read on the dunny.
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Red Laser
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don't eat yellow snow
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Re: Charley's War for free!

Postby Red Laser » 08 Aug 2013 13:53

Damn it I enjoyed reading Johnny Red that annoys me it won't be completed in hardback book format.
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Re: Charley's War for free!

Postby S.A.S.Sparrowhawk » 12 Aug 2013 23:06

I was hoping they'd bring back The Sarge.

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