BLADES (v2) 


S.A.F. Helicopter Pilot

Filename: Rotweiler, Herbert J.
S/N: 342-22-1530
Primary Military Speciality: Helicopter Pilot
Secondary Military Speciality: Intelligence Analyst (96B)
Birthplace: Riverside, Iowa
Grade: W02 (Warrant Officer Class 2)

BLADES grew up an introverted child, and being sheltered by overprotective, constantly hovering parents only added to his being called a "momma's boy". His favorite past-time was watching science fiction television shows and dreaming of one day being able to fly such fantastic aircraft. Determined to overcome his awkward youth, and coving never to be tied down to one place again, he joined the U.S. Army to travel the world. Through their Aviation School, he toughened into a renowned air strike pilot, with a reputation for keeping a cool head in a crisis. Recognizing his natural abilities and skill at flying almost every type of helicopter, he was offered the chance to join the air division of the S.A.F. (Special Action Force), the U.K. branch of the GI Joe team.

BLADES has been working aerial reconnaissance with the Royal Military Police and tracking large shipments of gold and uranium sales in the United Kingdom.Each lead gets him closer to his target, but when he finds out that the BARONESS is part of the equation, he crates up his S.A.F. Gyro-Copter and follows her to the Patagonia region of Argentina. He knows that he could be walking into a next of vipers and calls for support from the COMANDOS HEROICOS. Does he have enough ingenuity to stop the BARONESS or will he be brought down by her CRIMSON STRIKE TEAM?

"He who dares to challenge COBRA wins!"

Blades (v2) is a Joecon exclusive, supplied with the Hawk (v2).

A tribute to the classic 1984 SAS Blades figure.