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Ultimate Z-list celebrity
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Dark Horse Wants

Postby Dark Horse » 02 Dec 2012 16:37

Any Masters of the Univers classics items, especially -

Mer Man Trident (yellow version)

Battle armor Faker
Horde Prime
Weapons pak 2
Faker BG Evil Lynn

Action Force/ Joe

Sea Skimmer

Kraken trident pistol

Front top hatch for the Roboskull.

Three original Roboskull feet.

Triad Fighter large middle pod canopy unbroken.

Cosmic cruiser aerial

Sealion front guns, aerial, two masks and Dolphin.

Satellite defence missiles, backrest and rear blue engine cover thing.

FSS Quarrel
FSS Big Boa
Poc Skydive
RoC Grunt (SRO v12)
BBTS Zanya
SDCC Zarana pink
Walmart Heetseek missile system (don't need the figures)
Retaliation w2 Snake Eyes
Retaliation Joe Colton
Retaliation Blind Master
Retaliation Jinx
Retaliation black Dragon ninja
Ret Ult Duke
Ret Ult Roadblock
Ret Ult Firefly
Ret Ult Flint
Ret movie accurate Red Ninja
30th Zombie Vipers
Ren Cobra trooper

Zombie Viper cannister thing
Bare arms (Gnaw mold would be perfect)
Fireside Padme arms


$30 TJ Maxx Sentinel sdcc colours
MU Mysterio
Sea Drone (complete)
Whiplash movie armour (if they ever release it)
ML Hulk - The end (FFF wave)

Mortal Kombat
MK Cyborg ninja 3 pack
MK9 Raiden
MK9 Sub Zero
MK9 Scorpion

Build n' Brawl cage parts -
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