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Re: GI Joe Stop Gap

Posted: 17 Mar 2010 15:32
by The Baron
Preacher is fantastic from start to finish! If you didn't finish it I urge you to go back for a another round. Have you seen Hitman? I enjoyed it, but felt the comic could never really decide what it wanted to be.

A recent discovery was Girls by the Luna Brothers - I read every issue in one sitting.

Re: GI Joe Stop Gap

Posted: 17 Mar 2010 15:49
by Double-Tap
i love ennis and have nearly everything hes written, met him a couple of times and hes a quality bloke.
just thought after issue 35 it became more humurous than horrific.
it was still the best quality comic on the stands at the time

cant believe i forgot about hitman :oops:
recommended to everyone

i met john mccrea at a wee convention in derry (theres a story there but lets just say he'll never forget the fat drunk bloke)
saw the pencils for the infamous wonder woman lift shaft page which was cool

Re: GI Joe Stop Gap

Posted: 17 Mar 2010 20:26
by Sundance
the only comics i read these days are Marvel's Ultimate line, which i get in collected form.

Ultimatum was f*cking sh*t. Ultimates and Ultimates 2 are the mutt's nuts. so's Ultimate Spider-Man and most of Ultimate Fantastic 4.

Re: GI Joe Stop Gap

Posted: 17 Mar 2010 20:50
by Thundershot
It's been years since I've bought & read comics regularly, but I really enjoyed Little White Mouse by Paul Sizer & could also highly recommend Kabuki: Scarab by David Mack.

Re: GI Joe Stop Gap

Posted: 17 Mar 2010 23:10
by Destro
What a random topic to suddenly turn up again, all thanks to spamming tosser as well!!

I'm up to date with the Dredd Case Files and I'm in the middle of the Strontium Dog Files. Also got the first volume of the new Rogue Trooper reprints sitting on my shelf ready to read.

I've got all The Boys trades so far, Wee Hughie is brilliant.

I've also gotten into Hack/Slash from DDP but the TPB's take forever to come out.

I think I've heard of The Losers but might need to look into.

Re: GI Joe Stop Gap

Posted: 18 Mar 2010 00:58
by Double-Tap
ballad of halo jones is the dogs knackers too although thr recent rebellion trade has very muddy images, still a great read tho