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Is Wilder Vaughn the Black Major? <SPOILERS>

Posted: 19 Jun 2007 08:19
by The Baron

The Black Major

The Black Major's origin story is an epic tale. Following his school days through his bootneck career to his enrolment in Action Force, John Shepherd's mean streak and competitive edge are evident from the start, he gradually develops into a ruthless murderer. This dark tale paves the way to his downfall when he is captured by Baron Ironblood's Red Shadows. He is broken by the Baron's mind control and reduced to a mere puppet. Utterly compelling.

Action Force
Ironblood's Revenge!
Jungle Ambush
Space Battle
Operation Bloodhound
Tank Hunt
Sea Fury
Operation Spearhead
Death Castle
Operation Ironblood
Codename Kraken
Menace of The Baron

The Black Major's service in the Red Shadow movement is a bloody chapter indeed. Completely merciless, the Baron's attack dog turns his Action Force training against his former comrades time and again. His loyalty to The Baron is absolute.

Assault on Atoll Z

Assault on Atoll Z is a fierce struggle for supremacy in the South Pacific. The Black Major and Red Laser lead a contingent of Red Shadows against a Z Force outpost. The battle rages in the midst of Hurricane Yola culminating in the Major and Laser being swept out to sea on a tidal wave.

World Enemy No. 1

While not being featured in the world-changing events of "World Enemy No. 1", the Black Majors life is forever altered by this classic story. Baron Ironblood betrays his Red Shadow minions to Action Force and vanishes without trace. Red Jackal survives the onslaught and vows revenge on Ironblood. He too is a former Action Force operative turned by The Baron's brainwashing programme.

Red Jackal

Baron Ironblood changes his identity to that of the Cobra Commander and recruits an army of mercenaries. Red Jackal tracks him to his lair and moves to destroy him. He fails, and is mockingly remoulded as Destro. The Cobra movement is born.

Death in South America
Revenge of The Red Shadows

After months as castaways the Major and Red Laser return to civilization. Quickly gathering the tattered remnants of the Red Shadows together they set out to renew their struggle against Action Force, as well as the forces of Cobra. Cornering Cobra Commander on the battlefield, the Major is horrified to discover the truth. He drops his guard and is lost.

Showdown for The Shadows!
School For Snakes

From the ashes of defeat the Black Major returns, more bloodthirsty than ever. He has sworn revenge on his betrayer and former master, Baron Ironblood AKA Cobra Commander. In the midst of his crusade an encounter with Destro leads to a secret agreement between the two of them to kill Cobra Commander. He sacrifices the bulk of his army to steal a fortune in South American valuables.

Storm Shadow

Acting on a tip-off, Cobra Commander despatches Storm Shadow to assassinate the Black Major. He barely escapes with his life and is not heard from again...

Rise of the Red Shadows

A new Red Shadow movement rises to challenge both GI Joe and Cobra alike. Led by the mysterious Wilder Vaughn, could he be an older John Shepherd?

Posted: 19 Jun 2007 09:21
by jamarmiller
I say hell ya he should be!

Posted: 19 Jun 2007 22:01
by Flint
This is what I am hoping and have been hoping and suspecting since his introduction.

Posted: 20 Jun 2007 04:37
by jamarmiller
If Vaugh turns out to be the Black Major then he has just became even more interesting now to me. and he was interesting to me before !!!


his connection to Joseph Colton , thats why!

Vaughs whole connection to JOESEPH COLTON,the very first GI JOE, makes both characters so much cooler.

Having the Black Majors past being tied to Joseph Colton would be just plain awesome

Posted: 20 Jun 2007 17:38
This could bridge the gap between Action Force and GI Joe. It would also bring up the questions about what happened to the rest of Action Force and who was the other Cobra Commander?

Posted: 20 Jun 2007 22:43
by jamarmiller
BLACKMAJOR666 wrote:.......... It would also bring up the questions about what happened to the rest of Action Force and who was the other Cobra Commander?
and thats what I been talking about people!!!!!! we slowly get these characters back then people will want to check out these old comics and then they will start looking into all of these other characters and wanting them back too!

BLACKMAJOR666 wrote:This could bridge the gap between Action Force and GI Joe.
now I dont want them to ever try and match things up chronicologically, lets face it we are never going to get COBRA COMMANDER is BARON IRON BLOOD

HOWEVER Brandon Jerwa had a great idea to actually connect Cobra Commander to the Red Shadows in a " I started working with the red Shadows first before I made Cobra " and that Idea I liked alot

so while I dont want and think a direct continuity connection is ever possible ( NO, DESTRO IS RED JACKAL stuff , but a seperate character )

I Do want to see these old characters brought back

Posted: 15 Jul 2007 03:58
by The Baron
Which in turn could lead to Destro vs. Red Jackal....

I would very much like to see Captain Buckingham, Jonesy, Muller and Beaver of SAS Force return as well! The rest of the Action Force squad characters were less memorable but those guys were really fleshed-out.

Posted: 15 Jul 2007 04:02
by The Baron
Has there ever been a Breaker: Declassified story? Is there any reason why he and Breaker from Z Force can't be one and the same?

Posted: 15 Jul 2007 04:38
by Flint
The American Breaker died in the comics in the early 90's.

Posted: 15 Jul 2007 04:44
by The Baron
Could he not have been in Z Force before he joined GI Joe?