Palitoy Collectors’ Guide Book

BFTB.UK is proud to present the first ever comprehensive guide to the Action Force toy line from Palitoy, representing every era and aspect of the range.

From the initial ‘Action Man in miniature’ toys to the ever-popular Red Shadows, SAS, Z Force, Q Force and Space Force teams; from their German Anti-Terror Team counterparts to the many GI Joe and Cobra variants; from the comics to the fan-club packs and much, much more.

Featuring over 2000 all-new photographs, the Palitoy Collectors’ Guide is a must-have for Action Force and GI Joe fans alike.

Created purely for the love of the brand, Jim Marshall’s explosive guidebook is the first of its kind, weighing in at 300 pages and covering every aspect of this amazing toy range by Palitoy.

Third printing.

This item will be shipped separately due to weight.

Price: £60.00