Action Force: Redux 004A

Action Force: Redux is an all-new non-profit full-colour 40-page ongoing monthly comic from Rising Sun Comics marking the 40th anniversary of Action Force.

Action Force: Redux 004A cover by Patrick Goddard and Michael Collins Otu.

In this issue:

  • Codename Tracker [Prologue] by Jim Marshall, Brian Atkins and Ben Sawyer.
  • Codename Moondancer [Prologue] by Jim Marshall and Geoff Senior.
  • World Enemy Number One [Prologue]: Red Jackal by Jim Marshall, Alejandro Cabral and Mariano A’Q.
  • World Enemy Number One [Prologue]: Red Shadows by Jim Marshall and Wack.
  • WTAF by Alan Schell.
  • Red Shadow Datafile by Mariano A’Q.
  • Red Shadow Poster by Kev Hopgood.
  • Despatches: Codename Quickfire by Ian Wheeler.

Action Force: Redux 004A comes with a free Red Shadow pull-out poster and trading card!

Issue 004A and 004B are the same comic with different covers.

Price: £6.00