Name: Skeletron
Code Name: Series K
Serial No: IBLAB/SK-79/1
Created: Ironblood Laboratories, matto Grosso, South America
Life Expectancy: Immortal (Action Force scientists are trying to find a way to destroy the Skeletron)
Primary Military Speciality: Terror and Destruction
Secondary Military Speciality: Hazardous Environments

The Baron captured and brainwashed two eminent scientists to create the first Skeletron (IBLAB/SK-79-1), a Series K ELEmental Terror Razing Operational Non-human. The Skeletron is constrcuted from an indestructible compound developed in the Ironblood laboratories. Its atomic powered exoskeleton is controlled by the brain taken from a dead Red Shadow. Although programmed to obey the Baron the Skeletron can sometimes be unpredictable and follow its own instincts. Designed to cause terror and destruction it can operate in any environment from the vacuum of space to the ocean depths. It is rumoured that the Baron has unleashed more Skeletrons, even using the brains of dead Action Force recovered from the field of battle. "Death is no obstacle to the armies of the Baron!"

A BFTB exclusive, created especially for the Roll Out Roll Call 4 convention.

A tribute to the classic Action Force Skeletron figure.