Sumo Wrestler
Date of Birth: 11-3-1960
Height: 5'11"
Weight: 456 lbs
Blood Type: A
Nationality: Japanese
Fighting Style: Sumo
Alignment: Good

"It's only natural that a Sumo should become the world's strongest."

Edmond Honda has been trained since birth to take his place as the greatest sumo wrestler to ever step into the ring. Upon receiving the title of "Yokozuna" or grand champion, Honda was shocked to learn that the rest of the world did not consider sumo wrestling a true sport. Outraged, he has vowed to prove that sumo wrestlers are the greatest fighters in the world. A strict disciplinarian, Honda guides his pupils with a stern hand. He understands that goals are reached only through hard work and dedication. Quick and extremely powerful, Honda's greatest advantage is his size. He loves to pound his opponents into corners and then knock them out with a quick flurry of his Hundred Hand Slap.