DESTRO (v4) 


Cyber-Tech Weapons Dealer

Filename: Destro, James McCullen
Primary Speciality: Cyber-Tech Weapons Dealer
Secondary Speciality: Weapons Manufacturing
Birthplace: Callender, Scotland

"Someday the Earth will bow at my feet, and I'll drop kick it like a football!"

DFrom his new armour-plated space fortress guarded by Cobra BAATs, Destro buildss and peddles his galactic instruments of destruction! Destro has always been GI joe's worst enemy, next to Cobra Commander of course, but now that he sells his own Robotic Battle Armour space suits made from designs he stole during a raid on a GI Joe science lab, he's more dangerous than ever! (The GI Joe scientist who developed the plans was nearly destroyed during Destro's riad, but was brought back to life as Robo-JOE!) The dark and desolate dangers of space create a mysterious battlefield where only the strongest and bravest survive - so Destro's days are surely numbered!