LAW (v2) 



Filename: Lavigne, Christopher M.
S/N: 044-5688-XI83*
Primary Military Speciality: Military Police
Secondary Military Speciality: Intelligence
Birthplace: Houston, Texas
Grade: E-4

As head of security for GI Joe, Law has acquired a reputation as a relentless stickler for detail and a cool-headed fighter when the chips are down. he's a slow-talking, mule-headed, obstreperous hoot owl with an attitude, but he gets the job done. So when the Sonic Fighters Division was looking for someone to protect the most expensive and highly classified equipment in the entire GI Joe arsenal, Law was the first man on the roster. A trained martial arts expert, Law is also Airborne qualified.

"Law's the kind of soldier who isn't easily impressed. He's walked a beat for days at a time, fought off entire armies of invading forces and apprehended some of the most dangerous masterminds in the Cobra Legions. And that's just before breakfast."

Assigned Armaments: Experimental 9mm Pistol, Fast Assault Laser Rifle, Multi-Burst Laser Weapon and Laser Pistol with Infrared Tracking Sensors and Built-In Target Designator.

Weapons Qualification: Expert.

* Law's Security Number has been specially modified to prevent breaches in GI Joe Security.