DODGER (v2) 


Heavy Ordnance Operator

Filename: Renwick, Richard
S/N: 439-6792-QS56*
Primary Military Speciality: Laser Demolitions
Secondary Military Speciality: Electronic Maintenance
Birthplace: South Bend, Indiana
Grade: E-7

Dodger's been fascinated with lasers ever since he went to a local science fair and watched a one inch laser beam slice through six feet of concrete like it was Swiss cheese. It was just a matter of time before he was using thermal imaging range finders, noncoherent pulse Doppler radars, computer driven, multi-mode situational displays and a host of equally sophisticated high-tech equipment. With his invaluable field experience using laser-guided weapons, Dodger is now part of the Sonic Fighters.

"Once Dodger sets his laser targeting sight on an advancing front line, he's got about thirty seconds to lock in, fire the round and hit the dirt. And when that blast impacts, he's got about three seconds before it starts raining shrapnel. Why else would they call him 'Dodger'?"

Assigned Armaments: M-A2 SAW** 5.56mm Machine Gun, 9mm Beretta Auto Pistol, Long Range Thermal Intensifying GPLW***, Short Burst Laser Pistol

Weapons Qualification: Sharpshooter

* Dodger's Securty Number has been specially modified to prevent breaches in GI Joe Security.
** Squad Automatic Weapon
*** General Purpose Laser Weapon