Sky Patrol Weapons Specialist

Code Name: DROP ZONE
File Name: Delisi, Samuel C.
S/N: 675-4109-SG54
Primary Military Speciality: Sky Patrol Weapons Specialist
Secondary Military Speciality: Special Forces Advisor
Birthplace: Poteau, Oklahoma
Grade: E-8

DROP ZONE loves his job, every olive-drab bit of it. He is at his best when the cold wind hits face as soon as he steps out of a C-130 transport at 20,000 feet. He relishes the smell of gun oil and nitro solvent on his MAC-10. The sound of artillery rounds soaring overhead is music to his ears. He still can't believe he actually gets paid to have this much fun!

"Just because he volunteers for every hazardous assignment doesn't qualify him for a special commendation. The guy is fully aware of all the cruel realities that accompany a battle. His main concern is to successfully complete the mission to the best of his ability. Drop Zone is a true G.I. Joe dogface. He believes that duty and honour still have meaning on today's complex society and that Cobra is lower than pond scum!"