Sky Patrol Audible Frequency Specialist

Code Name: AIRWAVE
File Name: Mewett, Cliff J.
S/N: 450-1941-CS49
Primary Military Speciality: Sky Patrol Audible Frequency Specialist
Secondary Military Speciality: Signal Corps Adjustment for JCS*
Birthplace: Louisville, Kentucky
Grade: E-8

AIRWAVE can coax a signal through a shot-up PRC-77 receiver / transmitter from the bottom of a rift valley during an electrical storm. He can improvise an antenna out of a wire fence, cleaning rods, or claymore wire and repair circuits using a bayonet and heat tabs for a soldering iron. Airwave's knowledge and skills aren't theoretical, they're absolutely practical where it counts the most – in the field!

"Once, on a simulated artillery spotting mission in a deserted industrial complex, Airwave's radio was totaled by enemy machine gun fire. The squad immediately wanted to scrub the mission and call it a day, but not Airwave. As mock shells exploded all around, this die-hard maneuvered his way towards a semi-destroyed telephone booth. When inside, he adjusted the phone's circuitry and called his own artillery battery to relay the target coordinates on enemy positions. He believes that his job is not defined by equipment, but by problems and their solutions!"

*Joint Chiefs of Staff