Primary Military Speciality: Bio-Genetic Mega-Marine Hunters
Secondary Military Speciality: Deforestatiuon / Wildlife Destruction

Monstro-Vipers were once a team of ordinary Cobra Range Vipers, until Cobra Commander ordered them to "volunteer" for an experiment in DNA alteration. The experiment was run by Dr. Mindbender who bio-genetically crossed the Vipers with rabid werewolves, giant "Bigfoot" creatures and the most gruesome grizzly bears he could find. The horrid fusion process made them 1/4 man and 3/4 monster - the most brutal battle beasts to ever stalk the earth! The only way to tame their terror was to implant computer controlled processors in their bodies and minds, and while he was at it, Dr. Mindbender also gave them inner body chambers that process exploding gut bombs! Their keen sense of smell when stalkng prey can detect GI Joes for miles, so all troops have been ordered to stay alert with their trigger fingers ready! The next time you're in the woods and you hear a twig snap, don't look back... RUN!!!