Monster Blaster APC Driver

Filename: Steinberg, Lance J.
S/N: RA757-340-802
Primary Military Speciality: Transportation Engineer
Secondary Military Speciality: Infantry
Birthplace: Asbury Park, New Jersey
Grade: E-4

"I still grease my hair with motor oil, but I'm not half as slimy as those Mega-Monsters!"

Clutch has worked as a mechanic for some of the top drivers on the professional racing circuit. After he helped win the Indy 500, Duke recruited him as chief vehicle technician in charge of the GI Joe motor pool. Clutch accepted Duke's offer because he knew it was both an honour and a challenge. Having worked in a close-knit pit crew druing his racing days, Clutch knew the importance of team work and how to operate like a well oiled machine. He brings these team qualities to the Mega Marines, keeping the Monster Blaster APC at a peak performance level and firing mega-concussion missiles at Mega-Monsters every chance he gets. He's a crack shot with M-16s, M-60s and the APC's huge missile cannon!