Flame Thrower

Filename: Thompson, Jeffrey D.
S/N: J8675-30-9
Primary Military Speciality: Flame Thrower
Secondary Military Speciality: Firefighter
Birthplace: Kirkwood, Missouri
Grade: E-4

"When I blast into battle with a flame thrower and a tank full of fuel, things really get hot!

Blast-Off was the best firefighter the state of Missouri has ever seen. Single-handedly, he once extinguished an entire forest fire when other firemen became incapacitated by smoke inhalation. This courageous effort of persistence and skill earned him a spot on the GI Joe team, but instead of putting fires out, he was assigned to light them... right under Cobra's butt! When it was discovered that Cobra Mega-Monsters were vulnerable to flames and extreme heat, Blast-Off was issed a super-charged flame thrower and immediately assigned to the Mega Marines team. Gung-Ho has given him only one order: to burn those monsters like marshamallows in a camp fire!