Primary Military Speciality: Bio-Genetic Mega-Marine Hunters
Secondary Military Speciality: Underwater Terrorism

Bio-Vipers were once a battalion of ordinary Cobra Eels, until Cobra Commander ordered them to "volunteer" for Dr. Mindbender's experiment in DNA alteration. Dr. Mindbender bio-genetically crossed the Eels with an assortment of the ocean's deadliest predators, turning them into ferocious Mega-Monsters that stink like low tide! They have sandpaper skin like a shark, razor-sharp piranha teeth, and the strength and tentacles of a giant squid! They became so violently out of control, Mindbender had to add computer integrated body and skin implants to control them! Now, when Cobra Commander needs vicious reinforcements, he calls the Bio-Vipers up from the depths and unleashes them on GI Joe. When they're not at work for Cobra, Bio-Vipers enjoy polluting the ocean, disrupting vital shipping lanes, and hunting innocent sea life! They must be stopped! But until they are, Don't Go Swimming Alone!!!