Battle Copter Pilot

Filename: Owens, Robert D.
S/N: 2038-8729-AT01
Primary Military Speciality: Battle Copter Pilot
Secondary Military Speciality: Fuselage Art Designer
Birthplace: Rumford, Rhode Island
Grade: WO-2

Major Altitude announced his ambition to be a member of the elite GI Joe team when he was eleven years old. his parents scoffed, "You're too young, too small and not even out of school yet!" Determined to fulfill his dream to be a GI Joe copter pilot, he wrote to the local Army Recruiting Office to find out education and physical requirements for the GI Joe Flight program. He then prepared himself in mind and body for the day he would be a Real American Hero. Eight years later, after finishing at the top of the class in both Aviator School and Flight Warrant Office School, Major Altitiude received his orders to report for duty at GI joe Headquarters.

"Major Altitude is no genius and he's not the strongest GI Joe by any means, but he's cetainly the most determined. Every goal he sets for himself, no matter how trivial, is attacked with the same level of intensity. This has made him extremely popular with the other GI joes. Let's face it. if you're pinned down in an inaccessible box canyon by a heavily armed company of CObra Vipers, wouldn't you prefer it if the guy who was sent to rescue you wasn't a quitter?"

Supplied with the Battle Copter (b).