Navy Assault Seaman

Filename: Blanchet, John
S/N: 692-8812-H089
Primary Military Speciality: Navy Assault Seaman
Secondary Military Speciality: Tele-Communications Specialist
Birthplace: Fort Wayne, Indiana
Grade: E-6

Topside grew up on a small Indiana farm where he helped his father raise prize-winning pigs. After winning numerous county fair awards for his pigs, Topside quickly gained the reputation as Fort Wayne's Hog Master. When he was 20, Topside decided to leave the farm in search of a more exciting career. He enlisted in the Navy and served as a deck hand on a ship that transported a GI Joe covert team to a mission site. Fed up with listening to the land-lubbers' tales of toughness, he decided to take them all on at once! Because of his boldness and ability to look danger in the eye, he was offered a spot on the GI Joe team.

"A really intense training programme can produce a fairly tough individual, but Topside was born tough. He can down a plate of greasy scrambled eggs and hot sausages while sailing through seas rough enough to send salty chief petty officers to the rail! I saw him take a full wind-up, upper-cut punch from another seaman and not even budge. Needless to say, that other seaman didn't stay around to get Topside's response."