Winter Operations Specialist

Filename: Habershaw, Mark
S/N: 000-0617-AT89
Primary Military Speciality: Winter Operations Specialist
Second Military Speciality: Field Artillery
Birthplace: Smithfield, Rhode Island
Grade: 0-2

Sub-Zero was an instructor at the Army Northern Warfare Training Centre in Fort Greeley, Alaska and a consultant to the Cold Regions Test Center at the same facility. He beat all records for cold weather endurance solely on MEANNESS! Before he was tapped for GI Joe, Sub-Zero used his "deep-freeze" combat tactics in Europe's Operation Chill so that the troops would be well prepared if any winter confrontation should erupt.

"All the other GI Joe Arctic specialists like the cold. Not Sub-Zero! He hates it to the MAX! It drives him so far up the wall that it brings out a special kind of meanness unheard of in the western world. We're talking MAXIMUM MEANNESS! So why does he keep volunteering for cold weather assignments? Because he enjoys being MEAN!"