Filename: Classified.
S/N: Classified
Primary Military Speciality: Infantry
Secondary Military Speciality: Hand-to-Hand Combat Instructor
Birthplace: Classified
Grade: E-7

Snake Eyes honed his combat skills as a Long range Recon Patrol trooper in Southeast Asia and perfected his mystical martial arts techniques with the same Ninja clan that produced Storm Shadow. Although he is equally adept with submachine guns as he is with swords, Snake Eyes is most dangerous and unpredictable when he's armed and cornered. When Hawk went to Snake Eyes' cabin to recruit him for duty with GI Joe, the silent Ninj was out hunting rabbits - bare handed!

"He's generally regarded as the primo-badass dude of all the GI Joes. When we need somebody to sneak up on a class A, major bad guy and pop a can of butt-kick on him, Snake Eyes is the man for the job. The bad guy could be in a fortress on top of a sheer cliff, but that wouldn't bother ol' Snake Eyes none! He'd just whip out his handy grappling hook missile and use it to shimmy his way up the cliff face until he cornered the cuplrit, threw him down and took his name!"