MERCER (v2) 



Filename: Cecil, Richard S.
S/N: 010-5639-JE09
Primary Military Speciality: Mercenary
Secondary Military Speciality: Explosives Expert
Birthplace: Richmond, Virginia
Grade: E-9 (Sergeant Major)

Mercer was the only Cobra Viper to defect to GI Joe. He originally signd up with Sgt. Slaughter's Marauders, an outfit so secret that the Pentagon mever acknowledged their existence. Recently transferred into the main body of the GI Joe team, mercer is invaluable as a tough fighter and as as source of inside information on Cobra tactics and battle doctrine.

Although the rest of the GI Joes weren't too thrilled about having a defector in the ranks, especially one from Cobra, we soon developed a grudging respect for his no nonsense attitude and coolness under fire. We also didn't mind the fact that Mercer is strong enough to carry a 88mm Stanford Rocket Launcher with an ample supply of anti-tank armaments. None of this means that e like him very much, but then again, he doesn't like us very much either."