GRUNT (v2) 


Infantry Squad Leader

Filename: Graves, Robert W.
S/N: 789-9376-HJ22
Primary Military Speciality: Infantry Squad Leader
Secondary Military Speciality: Small Arms Attack Specialist
Birthplace: Columbus, Ohio
Grade: E-5

One of the original members of the GI Joe team, Grunt left the service to get his engineering degree at Georgia Tech. Despite numerous offers in a generally depressed job market. A handshake and pension plan do not mean diddly in the business world when everything bottoms out. Whereas, in a close-knit combat team, the loyalty and comraderie only get tighter when the chips are down.

"He's a stand-up foot-slogger from way back. Oh, he gripes and grumbles with the best of them, but when Cobra pops some firefight on us, we know that Grunt will be among the first to return fire with his blast 'em up rocket launcher. We can count on Grunt to stay chilly and do his job. That's probably the highest compliment you can give a soldier. When the smoke clears, he did his job."