Filename: Dubosky, David D.
S/N: 111-88-6666
Primary Military Speciality: Astronaut/Fighter Pilot
Secondary Military Speciality: Electronics Engineer
Birthplace: Plainfield, New Jersey
Grade: 0-3 (USAF)

Satellites are used by every major power for visual surveillance, electronic and infrared intelligence gathering and as weapons platforms. Even Cobra has a shuttle and its own spy satellites. The battlefield of tomorrow will surely extend into the upper atmosphere and the GI Joe Team is ready with its own specialist. COUNTDOWN is a qualified F-16 fighter pilot, a NASA astronaut, an electronics engineer and a ranking chess master.

"I don't care if he can take a five-gee turn without blacking out, and never get queasy in zero-gravity! I know that he can fly a fighter plane with burned out instruments through extreme turbulence with one hand while repairing the instruments with the other hand and simultaneously playing three games of chess in his head! None of it makes him any less boring!"