GI Joe Anti-Tox Trooper

Filename: Price, Daniel W.
S/N: 225-7836-DP74
Primary Military Speciality: Chemical Operations Specialist
Secondary Military Speciality: Combat Engineer
Birthplace: Elizabeth, New Jersey
Grade: E-4

Once the insidious Cobra polluters have spewed their toxic sludge into a previously pristine environment, there is nothing left to do but call in Clean-Sweep. Arriving on the scene with his combination robotic sludge sucker / neutralizer gel dispenser, Clean-Sweep sets his sludge detector / analyzer computer on auto-pilot, maintains perimeter security with his laser pistol and proceeds to clean up Cobra's act.

You might think it's a cushy job, sitting back in a climate-controlled, solvent resistant suit while operating a remote controlled sludge-sucking robot. But if that robot's tracks get stuck or the sludge pump backs up, Clean-Sweep is the one who has to slog out into the toxic waste pool and duck Cobra laser blasts while he's trying to get it going again."