Cobra Battle Copter Pilot

His past is shrouded in mystery. Was he the notorious former head of security for a deposed Third World dictator? A renegade clinical psychologist? Or an IRS investigator? Nobody knows for sure, but what they do know is that Interrogator can siphon information out of even the most obstinate prisoner simply by TALKING to him. Not oly is he known for his imtimidating interrogation techniques, but he's also an impeccable copter pilot. He can fly through a Siberian blizzard with his eyes closed and still arrive at Cobra headquarters ahead of schedule.

"We think Interrogator has a voice modulator/synthesizer built into his helmet that works in conjuction with a trance inducing LED display. His subjects listen to his soothing baritone voice, stare at the flashing lights, and before they know it, they're spilling secrets. We suspect that he also uses such sophisticated 'toys' as a stress analyst, a retinal dilation sensor and other instruments that would add up to a reliable lie detector of sorts."

Supplied with the Battle Copter (d).