Cobra Snow Trooper

Vehicle Proficiency: Cobra Grade 7.
Licensed to Operate: Heavy Attack vehicles, including Polar Class Ice Saber.

Snow Serpents are the Cold Environment Specialists of the EELS *, and are specially trained and equipped to fight under Arctic conditions that would give a polar bear frostbite. Equipped with down-filled suits heated by the same backpack heating system that circulates hot air through the working parts of their weapons, Snow Serpents can continue to fight in temperatures low enough to freeze the bolts on most GI Joe weapons.

"A Snow Serpent is expected to endure rigorous physical and psychological training as part of his everyday existence. His barracks are unheated, his mess hall doesn't serve hot food, and it's considered a point of honor to take nothing but cold showers. All of ths enhances his ability to be a formidable Arctic fighter, mainly because it makes him exceedingly mean-tempered and nasty."

* Cobra frogmen