Cobra Grenade Thrower

An integral part of the Cobra Viper fire-team, the Frag-Viper can toss high-explosive fragmentation grenades with all the range and accuracy of an M-79 or M-203 RPGL (Rocket Propelled Grenade Launcher), but without the noise from the muzzle blast.

The secret lies in the manual hurling basket, based on the cesta used in the Basque sport of Jai Alai. The Frag-Viper cesta is equipped with automatic feed and variable time-fuser with a cable link to the helmet's automatic range-finder.

"A GI Joe armed with a M-203 40mm grenade launcher can manage a firing rate of five rounds-per-minute and as soon as he pops the first round, everybody and his uncle knows where he is. A Frag-Viper, with a fifty round magazine and automatic feeder, can deliver fifteen rounds per minute and you'll never have any idea where they're coming from!"