Air Cavalry Scout

Filename: Hardy, William S.
S/N: 656-2456-PL19
Primary Military Speciality: Air Cavalry Scout
Secondary Military Speciality: Sonic Apache Pilot
Birthplace: Brady, Texas
Grade: W-4

"Of course they only sent one pilot... me, because you only get one firefight!"

The original GI Joe helicopter pilot, Wild Bill is also an expert tracker and can function on the ground as well as any expert infantry scout. He adapts the hunting skills he learned as a boy whenever he's tracking the enemy in "his own backyard". As he says: "Sneaking up on a Cobra is a sight easier than sneaking up on most critters. Cobras don't smell as good." Wild Bill doesn't believe in being undergunned. His weapon is the new XM-207 hyper-velocity missile launcher, which can punch a hole through six inches of laminated armor.