GI Joe General

Filename: Flagg III, James L.
S/N: 212-9820-GU95
Primary Military Speciality: Chief Strategic Commander
Secondary Military Speciality: General Commander
Birthplace: Alexandria,Virginia
Grade: O-7

"I didn't reach the rank of General by staying in the shadows, I got out and earned it on the front lines!"

He's the son of the original GI Joe commanding general, (after whom the USS Flagg aircraft carrier was named). General Flagg is a graduate of the Virgina Military Institute, as were five preceding generations of Flaggs. General Flagg shares Duke's philosophy leading his troops into a firefight, instead of sending out orders from behind the lines in some cozy commander's tent. When the call is given to charge, he's the one shouitng it from the front. His strategies on the battlefield have twice earned him the Medalof Valor and countless decorations as he carries on his family's proud military tradition.