Tiger Force Heavy Machine Gunner

Filename: Hinton, Marvin F.
S/N: 053-82-0347
Primary Military Speciality: Heavy Machine Gunner
Secondary Military Speciality: Cook
Birthplace: Biloxi, Mississippi Grade E-5

Roadblock's dream was to be a Gourmet chef. He was working as a bouncer to earn money to attend the Escoffier School in France when a recruiter convinced him that the Army could train him just as well. At boot camp, Roadblock found Army menus and preparation techniques too appalling! He remained steadfast in his goal to be a chef, but at the same time, developed a new skill-being a heavy machine gunner! He was selected by Tiger Force because of his ability to operate a heavy machine gun, in addition he could transform simple K-rations into gourmet delicacies.

"A .50 Cal. Browning weighs 84 pounds. Add fifty pounds for the ammo that's about 134 pounds of steel generating 2930 f.p.s. in muzzle velocity at a cyclic rate of 550 r.p.m. and you have one awesome macjine gun! Anybody who can handle that doesn't need a machine gun to keep me away!"

Repaint of Roadblock.