Point Man & Bobcat

Filename: Millman, Peter R.
S/N: 075-09-4876
Primary Military Speciality: Infantry
Secondary Military Speciality: Finance
Birthplace: St. Louis, Missouri
Grade: E-4

Spearhead was the youngest and the most successful insurance salesman in the Pacific North-West. It was said that he could sell a term policy to a dead cow. Everybody liked him, trusted him and bought more insurance from him than they could afford. Spearhead denies that guilt was a factor in his decision to join the army - he simply felt that somebody had to do it.

"Some guys, they're going to lead a combat assault, right? They jump up and yell 'Follow me!' and charge full tilt at a bunker - halfway there, they look back, and no-one's behind them! Of course not. The guy was an idiot. Spearhead could jump face first into a vat of rabid hyenas and fifteen guys would gollow him. No hesitation. They'd jump SMILING. And of course, Spearhead's mad cat, Max, is always a source of inspiration."