Steadi-Cam Machine Gunner

Filename: Thomas, Jeffery R.
S/N: 343-26-7890
Primary Military Speciality: Infantry
Secondary Military Speciality: Heavy Weapons
Birthplace: Penrith, Cumberland
Grade: E-6

With close to twenty years in the Army, Repeater never got any higher in rank than E-6. His performance in the field was always top-notch but he could never hack it in garrison. He's not a barracks soldier and never could be. But send him out in the bush beyond the furthest base camp, and you'll find that he's the one the other grunts want to soldier with; because he's the one who's going to bring the grunts back in one piece.

"Being the machine gunner is probably the toughest job in an infantry squad. Number one, he's got the heaviest load to carry. Number two, as soon as he starts firing, the enemy knows where he is and becomes their primary target. Number three, the squad depends on him to keep firing through all this to provide manoeuvring cover. Your machine-gunner should always be the strongest, most 'stand-up' trooper you have..."