Filename: Taputapu, David
S/N: 425-80-2173
Primary Military Speciality: Infantry
Birthplace: Pago Pago, Samoa
Grade: E-5 (Equivalent)

Red Dog has no official status. His movements and activities are virtually unrestricted. He doesn't get any credit when he succeeds and everybody denies knowing anything about him when he fails.

Red Dog could have had a pro football career as a barefoot placekicker if a defensive line man hadn't ground his cleats into the big Samoan's obtruding toe. The lineman ended up with a broken helmet and a concussion. Red Dog was suspended for excessive roughness. He later worked briefly as a stuntman in 'B' movies until he was recruited by GI Joe Command.

"The other guys think that Red Dog is a handy guy to have along on missions. If they encounter an obstacle of any kind; barricade, tank-trap or phalanx of armed guards, they simply point Red Dog in the appropriate direction, let him go, and wait for the dust to settle.