Samurai Warrior

Filename: Maito, Imoto
S/N: 083-48-1009
Primary Military Speciality: Infantry
Secondary Military Speciality: Hand-To-Hand Combat Instrcutor
Birthplace: Osaka, Japan
Grade: E-5

Budo's father was an orthodontist in Kyoto, his grandfather was a farmer in Okayama, his great-grandfather was a worker on the Trans Chubu Road, and his great-great-great grandfather was a Iaido master on one of the last great samurai warrior families of Japan. On his eighteenth birthday he was given the family swords and a haiku written by his ancestor:

  The great sword unsheathed
  glitters brightly in the dark
  unseen and at rest

"The man has a fifth-degree black belt in Iaido, (the art of the live blade) and similar rank in three other martial arts. He could have even higher rankings if he didn't spend so much time working on his chopped, pan-head Harley and listening to heavy metal."