Hovercraft Pilot

Filename: Davis, Brian R.
S/N: 641-05-7835
Primary Military Speciality: Ground-Effect Vehicle Operator
Secondary Military Speciality: Microwave Technician
Birthplace: Panama City, Florida
Grade: E-5

Blaster built his first hovercraft at the age of thirteen using mail order parts from the back of "Popular Mechanics". By his mid-teens he was designing his own variations and looking for ways to fund the building of prototypes. Undaunted by the failure of hovercrafts to make an impact on the civilian market, he took his concepts to the most responsive consumer - the army.

"OK, so he's a little single-minded, maybe even a bit obsessed - but how many of these guys aren't? The plus side is that he's willing to push his hovercraft to the limit and beyond, just to prove its worth. The end result is faster and better support for the ground pounders - something they don't mind at all..."