Rescue Trooper

Filename: Steen, Edwin C
SR: RA 128-03-2496
Primary Military Speciality: Medic
Secondary Military Speciality: Artillery
Birthplace: Seattle, Washington
Grade: E-5

Lifeline was a para-medic with the Seattle Fire Department for five years before he discovered that EMS (Emergency Medical Service) personnel who were disabled while giving aid off-duty were not eligible for pensions. In his mind, rescue personnel were never off-duty. He decided to make his status permanent by enlisting in the army as a corpsman.

"Elite units always take care of their own. The Action Force is no exception. The troops have to know that if something really heavy comes down on them and they're in no condition to walk out of the mess, somebody is going to have the heart to wade in and extricate them. That somebody is Lifeline."

Repainted as Tiger Force Lifeline.