Code Name: Quarrel
Personal Name: Pulver: Hedda, L
Action Force Code Number: AF 396942
Primary Military Speciality: Commando
Secondary Military Speciality: Undercover Operations
Birthplace: Interlaken, Switzerland

Diplomat's daughter, early years spent in Japan. Martial arts expert. All round sportswomen and competes in British Motorcycle Championship. Graduated Action Force Undercover Ops School, Advanced Unarmed Combat School, top of class. Speciality Action Force modified crossbow, shaken (throwing stars) and Cantonese butterfly knives.

"Quarrel is normally passive but explodes into violent action at any moment. Drives anything that moves."

A repaint of Scarlett, Quarrel came with a crossbow and the Rapid Fire Motorcycle.

Quarrel was re-released in 2011 as a GI Joe Collectors Club exclusive.