Code Name: Hawkwind
Personal Name: Lars Elsund
Action Force Code Number: AF 934103
Primary Military Speciality: Combat Helipilot
Secondary Military Speciality: Unarmed Combat
Birthplace: Stockholm, Sweden

Member of elite section of NATO armed forces specialising in Helicopter Assault. Chief Instructor in Unarmed Combat school. Expert Judo and Karate. Olympic Gold Medal both sports. Transferred Action Force, received Space Training at Special school funded by both US and Soviet Space Commands. Free-fall combat chevron award.

"Hawkwind is a tough no-nonsense soldier, very proud of being Swedish. Breaks into song when in a cheerful mood."

A repaint of the Patroller. A variant exists with painted highlights on the legs.

Originally packed with a blue Uzi pistol and either a silver SA80 or Sten.

The Security Trooper was also supplied with the Satellite Defence.