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Re: Rising Sun Comics in 2014?

Posted: 26 Jul 2015 04:10
by Rising Sun Comics

updates on the RSC page

we have the last issue if The GIJoe comic strip- them it will follow up in Action Force!gi-joe ... strip/c6vj

also the latest GIbob!gi-bob/che2

and we have the newest issues of Cobra the Enemy
issue 16!cobra- ... e-16/c1yjh
issue 17!cobra- ... e-16/c1yjh

check out or other books to!rs-comics/ck6x

thanks RSC team

Re: Rising Sun Comics in 2014?

Posted: 31 Aug 2015 09:27
by Rising Sun Comics
This should say Rising Sun Comics 2015

CTE 18 is out!cobra- ... e-18/c1y3m

So is G.I. Bob!gi-bob/che2

Armadillo Justice has been releasing a free page to read check it out here!armadi ... view/c1j4w

Re: Rising Sun Comics in 2014?

Posted: 19 Nov 2015 06:57
by Rising Sun Comics
Another update

You can find issue 19 and 20 of CTE online!fan-comics/cut

as well as the last GIBOB and the AF comic strips.!fan-comics/cut

we also have several titles that can be bought on amazon now!store/c1nav

thanks RSC

Re: Rising Sun Comics in 2014?

Posted: 27 Apr 2016 02:41
by Rising Sun Comics
Hello Everyone

RSC if you have missed them has a lot of updates.
Issue 25 is out of Cobra:the Enemy!cobra- ... ue-25/cai5
And if you missed the rest they can be found here!fan-comics/cut

We also sell our own books Henry the cantankerous hamster, Armadillo Justice, Tall tails, Hired Kill, and Collapse.
As well as new free web comics.!rising ... comes/csiq

The big new is if you where unable to get the Action Force books Rising sun produced before then we are offering a subscription service to get these comics we call it the Millerverse.
the first 12 comics of Jamar's run in read order released to you one a month. You can get that much needed chance to get the variant covers. the preorders will be up soon and this
is open to US, UK and Europe. Join this with Cobra subscription service and save more, if we have enough pre orders we will be throwing in some cool printed extras.

The fan comics are non-profit any funds made from this will be to cover printing, shipping or returned to the artist.
Grab your copies soon, cover B second print will be less printed.

Rising Sun

Re: Rising Sun Comics in 2014?

Posted: 14 Jun 2016 06:16
by Rising Sun Comics
Hello Everyone

The preorders for the Millerverse and Cobra: the Enemy are up now, we have a lot of extras planned for the subscription service so don't miss out!!subscription/c19mq

Rising sun