ACTION FORCE: RED DAWN Coming Soons & works in progress

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I am Wilder Vaughn, I am the Black Major
I am Wilder Vaughn, I am the Black Major
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Re: ACTION FORCE: RED DAWN Coming Soons & works in progress

Postby jamarmiller » 07 Jun 2010 21:45

trooper2901 wrote:Great job on these! I can't wait to see more. A few q's ,Are the artists and writers members of this site? How did this all get started? I would love to see more from the artist,does he have a site w/ his work maybe? I have been out of comics for a long time and it took one issue of red dawn to reel me back in! I can't praise you guys enough! Keep up the terrific work-Blood for the major!=)
thanks man for the compliments! really happy to hear you are enjoying the books! Most of the artist are members here not all but most, if you go to the Rising Sun Comics Home page, you can click on many of the artist web pages ( only the artist from the issues that have been published to this date are up , but keep watching as a new artist appears in a new book they will be added ). There is ONE writer, thats me. so ya Im here.

This all got started with the classic recolouring project to be honest. about a year after I had started gathering colorist to colour the classic stories and the first TPB of those stories came out, I started to think that if we could do the old stuff why not start new stuff too? bring our guys and girls back with NEW stories to go with the old stories . So I got lucky and found some great artist and some great new colorist and we started this! I cant wait for the new stuff to start coming out, lots of really cool stuff coming and great artist to compliment the great artist we already have on the books.

thanks again for your praise

oh and pick yourself up some copies there's two covers for each book !! You can get your copies in the sites store! the only way we can continue these books, is if people support the artist by buying the books.
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Re: ACTION FORCE: RED DAWN Coming Soons & works in progress

Postby trooper2901 » 09 Jun 2010 01:38

Your welcome,the storyline is terriffic! All the added players and then some. My son(11) has started to read the reprints of the joe books that come out ,I showed him some pages from the book on here and he was blown away! so many questions about AF,shads you name it! I will def have to try and buy a set of books. I'll check out the site tonight at work, Thanks for the hard work and keep it up!
Looking for the following:
Shadow trak
Command centre
Any figs from the the early years of action force =)

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