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Re: Operation Mongoose

Posted: 16 Sep 2009 22:02
by Red Laser
Their last mention is :cobracommander: saying call me Commander to Destro and the Cobra sigil morphing out of the MARS insignia,Baroness still locked up,the Joe team on the move to a new base with Scarlett being asked how she feels about Duke and Ripcord being on the team and finally President Zartan in the Oval Office.

"i just finished reading revenge of the sith and the book explains a good bit more than the film showed. gives a better insight into palpatine and his relationship with anakin and also focuces on the politics/senate a bit more. basically establishes the foundation of the rebel alliance as well"

I like the Prequel movie books I wasn't sure on how Revenge of the Sith was written but they do generally give more story than the films especially The Phantom Menace book.