GI Joe : Rise of the Cobra [SPOILERS]

The 2009 blockbuster movie! [Please do not discuss the Toys and Comics here]
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Re: GI Joe : Rise of the Cobra [SPOILERS]

Postby D'Compose » 13 Aug 2009 17:57

Ironblood wrote:True true plus there is always beer you can't get that at cinemas here or a handy pause feature. It would still have been great to have added my views on the film though but I knew the exclusion of ROC was going to happen months ago I just got my hopes built up.
Lest ye not forget Cider too, good fellow ;)

Wow, what kind of films can you expect to get there? I'm afraid my knowledge of the Isle of Man is limited to say the least...
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Re: GI Joe : Rise of the Cobra [SPOILERS]

Postby Red Laser » 13 Aug 2009 18:03

Ewwww not cider :shock: We have the latest Harry Potter probably right up to winter we did have TFII, Salvation and Watchmen not sure what else we will get besides rom-coms and so on.
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Re: GI Joe : Rise of the Cobra [SPOILERS]

Postby Lady Jaye » 14 Aug 2009 08:24

Lady Jaye wrote:I have no hopes whatsoever, but I am planning to see the movie tonight anyway!
Well, last night I visited the pub, I had some really good conversations and therefore totally forgot about the movie! :-D
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Knowing isss half the battle
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Re: GI Joe : Rise of the Cobra [SPOILERS]

Postby DAMartin » 16 Aug 2009 04:19

I saw the movie this Wednesday. Awesome! Just like with Resolute, I'll review the charas:
:baroness: : Great chara til the part where she becomes good, but at least it's consistent with the movie plot.
:breaker2: : I was never too keen of the ARAH version, but I liked him here. He considers himself the best on his job, and doesn't like to be told other way.
:cobracommander: : Good "Rex" background, but it's a bit strange that :destro: 's main scientist suddenly decides to become the boss. It's also sad that just when he becomes :cobracommander: the Joes catch him.
:destro: : I thought the nano-mite origins of his mask would drop the relation to the ancestral mask; I'm happy to have been wrong; McCullen relates his new face to his ancestor's mask and the Destro name was stated to have been from the ancestor, too.
:duke: : The lead chara, but whitout taking the spotlight from the other guys. That's the way to do a team movie (You heard that, Logan?)
Heavy Duty: Sadly, he didn't do too much. He's human background
:ripcord: : Not so annoying or incompetent as the "comic relief" charas from other films, except for the Accelerator Suit chase, and since it was just one scene, it WAS funny.
:scarlett: : She's tough and all bussiness. I like how she doesn't understand feelings.
Sgt Stone: Brief but good part. The costume and attitude reminded me to Flint.
:snakeeyes: : Awesome! Awesome! AWESOME! Costume: well done. Character: well done. If they make a sequel, Snakes must be there.
:storm: : Well done. He even hints at a trace of honor when he criticises :zartan: 's ruthless antics.
:zartan: : Even though he's not a biker, I found him very close to the original, the whistling was a nice touch.
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Re: GI Joe : Rise of the Cobra [SPOILERS]

Postby dreadtech » 26 Aug 2009 21:34

Did not like the armor suits the Joe's had at all . could have easily been called RISE OF THE SUPER JOE'S. Other than that and a little to much Sneak Eyes and Storm Shadow i quite liked it. If there is a sequel lets hope they learn from the mistakes that this one had. I think some of the actors were poorly cast as well as one or too that were exceptionally well cast.

I could see this as a T.V show at some point. It worked well for Stargate which was a film before a 10 year T.V spin off. I think this would do better in that format.

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