First GI JOE movie teaser!!!

The 2009 blockbuster movie! [Please do not discuss the Toys and Comics here]
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Re: First GI JOE movie teaser!!!

Postby Sundance » 01 Feb 2009 22:58

Thundershot wrote:I don't like the sound of "power suits"..& hopefully Snake-eyes wont be the "super" ninja he was in the later stories..I'd like it to be more like the special missions comic..but somehow I don't think it will..
um, you did see the end where he leaps on to a car flying through the air and somersaults off it on to another one, right?
paul463 wrote:That looks superb. A film to immerse yourself in for an hour and a half and forget the real world
Amen, brutha :mrgreen:
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Re: First GI JOE movie teaser!!!

Postby Crimson Rage » 01 Feb 2009 23:03

I don't know... "Cheesy" is a word I'd apply to a lot of Marvel GI JOE material and all of the cartoon. Even the toys themselves: An arms dealer with a metal face, a master of disguise with panda eyes, hawk men, snake men, crazy vehicles etc.
Because we experienced all these things as uncritical kids and have since grown up with them, we consider many as being essential to make GI JOE what it is, but show these concepts to adults unfamiliar with the franchise and they look 'cheesy'.

If I get a rollicking good two hour movie full of over the top action out of this then I'll consider it a success, added cheese or not.

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