A dummies guide to Digital Coloring

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Re: A dummies guide to Digital Coloring

Postby The Baron » 28 Oct 2009 03:02

A very quick setup guide for first-time Photoshoppers:

1) ALT+I M R (changes image from Greyscale to RGB mode)
2) CTRL+J (creates new B&W layer)
3) CTRL+SHIFT+N [name it "Colour"] ENTER (creates work-area layer)
4) In the Layers window drop-down menu (bottom right-hand corner), change from Normal to Multiply.
5) Save as .tiff

You will now be able to splash as much colour on as you like without going over the black lines.

Once your masterpiece is complete:

1) ALF+F (Flattens layers)
2) Save as .jpg

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don't eat yellow snow
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Re: A dummies guide to Digital Coloring

Postby Red Laser » 28 Oct 2009 14:30

This was helpful this morning Baron I hadn't set my colours right last night and kept typing Shift + Ctrl + N then typing either layer colour or actual colours in the box. I am doing the chained Joe in the dungeon ad and I am hoping it will be good enough to use.
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