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Re: Lew Stringer - Blogspot

Postby Sundance » 09 Sep 2009 07:17

there's 2. 'Double Time' was published by Wildstorm. it takes place between 'Captain's Table: Once Burned' and 'Double Helix: Double or Nothing' and serves to explain how the series jumped over the Dominion War. the second is called 'Turnaround' and was published by IDW. it takes place after 'Missing in Action' and before 'Treason', the latest novels.
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Re: Lew Stringer - Blogspot

Postby Malcolm Orr » 20 Oct 2009 22:52

The Baron wrote:Did he? I know him from Marvel UK's Action Force and Zoids stuff.

Mike Kazybrid did Matt and the Cat IIRC

(Sorry - been changing jobs and the paperwork and meetings are horrendous!!!)

I only knew Kev from AF - my favourite artist from that mag, AND he won the readers award during the run.

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