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Red Shadows in issue #212 (spoilers)!

Posted: 01 Apr 2015 21:49
by seaneley
Remember: here there be spoilers! Don't read if you don't want to know!

"The Death of Snake-Eyes" Part 1
3 Joes (Dusty, Outback and Throwdown / "Kamakura") infiltrated the joint Cobra - Red Shadows - Blue Ninja base in the Olliestan Desert. The Black Major is in charge and realizes that Red Laser has been captured by the Joes. A S.A.W.-Viper suggests gassing the enemy, but the Black Major explains that Red Laser is too important because of his work on their "new weapon". He orders the Blue Ninjas to go in instead.
Inside the assembly hanger containing Red Laser's weapon, the Joes see that the Japanese terrorist's creation is a giant "mech", that does not require a human pilot. The robot is so huge, that they do not have enough explosives to destroy it. They know they have to make it to the surface somehow and warn Hawk and Duke about the dangerous construct. They also must take Red Laser with them, because it was his mind that came up with the mech. Red Laser lies, and says that his life is not worth that much, because the giant robot is pretty much finished and operational.
The Red Shadows make a suicide run at the team, but are mowed down. This was a ruse to enable the Blue Ninjas to sneak up behind the Joes. Throwdown swiftly takes them all out and reveals that he is a ninja also. Red Laser screams, "Gaah! Ninja desu-neh!" ("He's a ninja!")
The Joe Team is then able to use the dead ninjas' secret tunnel and overrun a group of 4 various Vipers and disguise themselves and their captive as Cobra agents. Claiming that the Black Major wants them at gate duty, they are able to make it out on a Shadow Track. However, the trick is discovered as they are driving away and the Black Major sends Red Laser's giant robot - which is mostly finished - after them.
Meanwhile, in Utah, Snake-Eyes, Scarlett and Stalker arrive to guard a captive Serpentor, who is being held deep undergound in the G.I. Joe secret base, the Pit. Mainframe, G.I. Joe Colton and G.I. Jane are using Serpentor to "control" a secret U.S. weapon. He's the only one who can. (It's really convoluted, don't ask!) They launch their own mech into orbit and it is able to arrive in Olliestan within a matter of minutes to save the 3 escaping Joes (and their disguised prisoner)! Serpentor is able to have his mech destroy Red Laser's robot, but Throwdown and Red Laser get separated from their friends. Realizing that one of the men is Red Laser, the Black Major shows concern for his abducted friend and insists that all the troops hold their fire and not hit him.
However, back in the Pit, the captive Serpentor - being an artificial life form himself - is able to take control of the Pit's computers and take command of G.I. Joe H.Q. Using the blast doors and other mechanized objects, he is able to trap Snake-Eyes, Scarlett and Stalker and keep the other base members from getting near him or them.
To be continued next issue...

Looks like we have a few more issues, at least, of Red Shadows goodness!!! It's appropriate that they will be around at the death of the greatest G.I. Joe ninja of all, Snake-Eyes! Ooh, I felt a chill!

Re: Red Shadows in issue #212 (spoilers)!

Posted: 02 Apr 2015 10:25
by The Baron
This is fantastic news!

Re: Red Shadows in issue #212 (spoilers)!

Posted: 02 Apr 2015 10:37
by jamarmiller
love that the Red Shadows are back, but hate the mechs, hate the eye, hate the blue ninjas . Hate more New Ninjas, how about we use the ones that already exist before making new ones up?

Re: Red Shadows in issue #212 (spoilers)!

Posted: 02 Apr 2015 14:05
by Red Laser
I think it is great Larry is finally using Kamakura he has already brought Pale Peony into the IDW verse it will be good to see who else he decides to use.

Re: Red Shadows in issue #212 (spoilers)!

Posted: 02 Apr 2015 17:48
by Thundershot
Blue Ninja?
Giant Mech?

This all sounds suspiciously like an episode of Mighty Morphing Power Rangers to me.

Re: Red Shadows in issue #212 (spoilers)!

Posted: 02 Apr 2015 18:38
by seaneley
Thundershot wrote:Blue Ninja?
Giant Mech?

This all sounds suspiciously like an episode of Mighty Morphing Power Rangers to me.
Believe it or not, the "Blue Ninja" is actually based on an action figure that was in the movie "G.I. Joe: Retaliation". The "Cobra Combat Ninja" was the standard Cobra Trooper in the movie and had no special powers, but the toy could be transformed into a ninja cyborg. See here for pics.:

And Cobra's been building mechs as far back as Marvel (U.S.A.) issue #8, with the attack of the towering S.E.A. legs. Oh, and don't forget the Transformers cross-overs. Ha! :panic: :headless:

Re: Red Shadows in issue #212 (spoilers)!

Posted: 03 Apr 2015 18:18
by DAMartin
Actually since issue #3, when they tried to use a confiscated robot to find the Pit.