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Re: action force cartoon

Postby Dr Von Poopenheimer » 28 Nov 2010 14:31

I suspect Action Force became GI Joe in part so that they could show the cartoon.

I don't think it's the law, I think it's more TV company policy isn't it? I know that during the 80s Cartoon/Toy tie in avalanche the beeb stopped showing toy line cartoons completely as it was thought by them to be advertising.

Is'nt every War film/TVshow/Game series 1 anyway?

Action force never really had the characters that Joes had they were far more generic (in fact they all have the same head) so it wouldn't have worked in the same way that the other tie in cartoons; it would have had to have been more gritty like the comic and a cartoon like that would be so awesome heads would explode!
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