Missing figures on cardbacks ??????

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Missing figures on cardbacks ??????

Postby Andy1672 » 21 Jun 2008 23:18

does anyone have a cardback featuring any of the following series one figures ???

Night patrol :night:
British 2 para :2para:
SAS frogman ( 1st issue ) :fogsas:
Helicopter pilot :heli:
Naval assault :2naval:
Arctic assault :arctic:

these figures dont seem to be documented on anything other than toy catalogues ?

or am I missing something..........
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Re: Missing figures on cardbacks ??????

Postby paulitoy » 22 Jun 2008 19:10


No Andy, you're not missing anything.

It seems nuts nowadays with marketing seemingly so crucial - to anything from hair shampoo to kids toys - for making the product sell and catch on.

But back in 1982/3 it seems as if the Palitoy marketing team consisted of the lady who also hoovered the office and made the tea, ie. it seems shockingly crap.

The first 12 cardback has pics of the early prototype figures [most of them changed the weapons/colour schemes before they were released] on the back. The white deep sea diver has a 'window' in the fish bowl helmet, etc. And he was only available with the yellow boat, not as a carded figure.

In short the cardback is very interesting as it shows prototypes [the white arctic guys head was not released at the time, but would surface as the Z Force Infantryman head] but as an accurate showing of the collection it's way off.

How did the kids ever get 'into' the toys and collect them when they weren't ever even sure what was available?

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Re: Missing figures on cardbacks ??????

Postby scoobydie » 22 Jun 2008 19:23

Then again, whoever kept the packaging?
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